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About Us

Our goal

The Internet People

We are computer professionals specializing in Web Page design and implementation. Our goal is to provide high quality, quick and effective advertisement opportunities in the most evolutionary media, the Internet.

Get on the Internet

The World Wide Web (WWW) is the most popular, interactive and visual component of the Internet. The Web Pages can be used to communicate any message to the entire World. The message can be product catalogs, price lists, special sales or events and services in text, graphics, sound and even video format. The use of the Internet allows your company to compete in the global business market and places your company in the new technology era.

Tipsnet and YOU

No matter what type of business you are in, Tipsnet can advertise your company, your products, or your services on the Internet. With the Internet technology, Tipsnet can display your products and handle your customer orders. Tipsnet can be used to collect market research information for your company by posting your research questionaires on the Internet. The collected data can be automatically stored in a database for your future analysis. With Tipsnet, restaurants can post their take out menus for easy customer access. This is just a taste of what tipsnet can do for your company. There is much more we can do for you!

Economic Web Pages

The Internet People offers custom developed Web Pages to meet different customer needs. Please email for a quote on design, construction, setup, and maintenance of your Web Pages.

Submission to Search Engine

Tipsnet Web Page listings are submitted to many popular search engines on the Internet. Your Web Pages can be easily searched by millions of Internet users from around the World. We try our best to get maximum Web Page exposure for our customers.

Private Home Pages

We also accept private Home Pages such as lost and found, buy and sell, announcements and even joke pages! Send us your request and we will set it up for you!

Free Information

Tipsnet information is updated regularly to provide Internet users with up-to-date information.

Non-profit Organizations

Tipsnet offers non-profit organizations special services such as posting of activities schedules, special meetings, events or any related information in our site. Contact us for more details.

To be a Sponsor

You are invited and welcome to be a sponsor of our free information and non-profit organization Web Pages. Your community needs your participation. What a way to increase your business profile in your community. Donít hesitate and contact us now!

For suggestions, information requests or Web page subscriptions, please send email to: